Drop  In - $19

5 Class Pass - $75

10 Class Pass - $129

20 Class Pass - $199

*price includes taxes

Private & corporate classes available upon request

Gentle & Deep Relaxation

This class will offer a gentle yoga practice for 45 minutes and conclude with a deep, guided relaxation.

Flow N' Go

This 40 minute class is designed to help you fit yoga into your lunch hour. Class goes from 12:10 - 12:50pm.

Yin Yoga

Yin is the practice of holding and exploring poses for longer periods of time in order to offer stress release and deeper stretches in the body. The practice reaches into the connective tissues, rather than the muscles, of the body offering support to the joints.  

Power Yoga

This is a dynamic class with a focus on strong flows such as Sun Salutations and core awareness.  

Hot Yoga

Using infrared heaters the studio is heated to 90˚ for this class. Lots of movement and sweating. Please bring a towel and water to hydrate.


This is suitable for all levels. Using the supports of props, poses are held for extended periods of time. Good for relaxing and de-stressing. 

Yoga Nidra

This class begins with traditional Hatha yoga poses in a more meditative style and concludes with a half hour Yoga Nidra practice. Nidra is a sleep based meditation technique taking you into a more relaxed state while in a shavasana pose. 

Delve Within

Delve Within Your Yoga (Sheila). Exploring mediation and a number of yoga styles, from restorative and yin to flow and power, we will work to discover your yoga. Body and breath connection will be emphasized, as will savasana. This important resting posture allows us to integrate our practice and to restore…aiding us as we Delve Within.

All Levels

A variety of poses and flows are explored during this class. Modifications for different levels and abilities are available. 

Gentle Yoga

Suitable for all levels. Explore head to toe movements while combining movement with breath.

Chair Yoga

All the benefits of yoga with the comfort and support from a chair. Half the class is completed sitting down and the other half is done standing with support of the chair or wall. 


Focusing on posture & alignment this 45 minute class will also work your core, glutes & upper body.

Yang to Yin

Starting with movement and easing into yin poses (held for several minutes). This class is a great way to get benefits of both flow style & holding postures.