meet the team


I found my love for yoga seven years ago after finishing my post graduate education in Therapeutic Recreation. I had just moved to Toronto and was looking for a way to manage stress. I became so passionate about the practice that I decided to move back to home to Windsor in 2014 to complete my 200 hr YTT at Downtown Yoga. I then spent a few years working in various long term care and retirement homes as a Recreation Manager. I enjoyed teaching residents Chair Yoga so much that I decided to start teaching other classes in my spare time. Today, I love practicing in nature, in studio and even on my paddle board. Recently, I have also completed my Restorative Yoga certification and hope to keep continuing my knowledge of the practice. As studio owner, I want to help everyone find a style of yoga that fits into their life.  Yoga really is for everyone. 


I really began my yoga journey as a skeptic. I used to be a runner and was completely focused on cardio and weight training as my form of exercise. In 2010, after realizing when I bent over, I could barely reach beyond my knees, I realized it was time for a fitness change. I took my first Vinyasa yoga class in 2010. At first it blew my mind how people could move in certain ways, but I soon fell in love with it. I loved how it was a physical challenge with a mix of stretching and strengthening, yet it had a whole other element of quieting your mind and guiding you to meditation. I realized that yoga was just as important for my physical health as it was for more mental health. As my practice continued, my body felt better, stronger and my flexibility returned beyond what I thought was possible. It was great pushing myself to new levels physically and also mentally. 
I decided to take my 200 Hour YTT in 2018 and I have really loved being able to lead other students through a variety of vinyasa flows while strengthening our muscles and quieting our minds at the same time. I still love exploring and challenging my body further with regular practices, so I can continue to challenge myself and my students as well. I would love to share this practice with all of you and I hope to see you on the mat at Green!



Yoga has been many things to me. Mostly, it has been an essential for me to get know myself. It has helped me to understand what I need to navigate, with greater ease through life, the highs and lows. When I approach edges, those physical or mental places that make me feel uncomfortable, I am better equipped to experience the view. By exploring those edges with compassion, I have increased my flexibility and strength. When storms appear, I am able to observe the beauty and find the calm within.  
I ask that you practice coming to class with a willingness to explore. There is no need to be able to touch your toes or contort into a pretzel. This is about discovering what yoga is to you, finding tools to help you navigate and explore your life.  My wish for you is that you be able to honour and nurture what you find. Contact me at


I began my yoga journey about 12 years ago. I was very fitness oriented and was looking for a stretching class, as I began practicing yoga I became instantly aware that there was so much more to yoga than I anticipated. I continued to practice on and off for a few more years, coming to a regular practice in 2013. I began to find that when life presented challenges, I would turn to my mat as a place of peace and safety. In 2015 I started to get really curious about philosophy and the teachings behind yoga, so I began  a yoga lifestyle 8 week course through Downtown Yoga, where I also completed an Ashtanga Yoga Mysore prep course. In 2016 I decided to take the plunge and take the 200 hour YTT through Love It Yoga in Amhertsburg. I am a seeker of knowledge and the more I become involved in yoga, the more I want to know. In 2016 I also became certified in Yin Yoga. Yoga has taught me so many aspects of myself, it has allowed me to evolve and to be connected spiritually to my true self and with others. I am a teacher from the heart and try to incorporate this spirit into my yoga classes. I am beyond excited to share this with my students and hope to see you all on the mat. Namasté.


Tenille came into the world of yoga during the pregnancy of her third child (now she has 4 and a Billet Son) and 6 years into her massage therapy practice. After 10 years of inconsistent practice and a twist of fate, life threw her a curve ball that landed her in Amherstburg for her 200hr yoga teacher training with two amazing teachers, Ena and Caroline.


She was born and raised in Kingsville and Pelee Island is her happy place. Tenille is passionate about creating a space to share with others the power of connection through yoga. When working with the body towards alignment, balance and strength while focusing our minds within, we recognize a shared experience both inside and outside of class. She has personally found yoga to be a steadying force in a chaotic world. That, along with her kids, have been the grounding influences in her life.


Laura began working in the Health & Wellness industry in 2012. Since then she has been practicing as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, as well as pursued certifications in Holistic Nutrition, and found her newest passion, Pilates.


Laura completed her 200hr Pilates Matwork Instructor Training at Breathe Pilates & Fitness Studio in Windsor, ON, and continues to welcome new learning & personal development opportunities whenever possible.


“My intention is to provide a safe, inspiring, positive space where students can come to connect mind & body. Classes are both fun & functional, as well as versatile & supportive of all fitness levels & moods. They are thoughtfully sequenced to refine physical strength & enhance spiritual awareness. The focus is to educate my students on the essence of mindful movement, as this will stay with them long after the session ends & into their everyday life. Incorporating Pilates principles into what you do daily, translates to more energy, improved resilience & endurance, and an increased sense of empowerment.”


I have always been someone with deep spiritual beliefs. While other children wanted to be firefighters and lawyers, my goal, as a child, was to be kind, compassionate and loving towards others. When I began my journey into the world of yoga, almost 2.5 years ago, I felt immediately moved to take my practice deeper, and quickly found myself in YTT. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Blossoming Lotus Yoga, LaSalle, in April 2019. I have found joy in my practice and in guiding fellow students in their’s. The physical and spiritual aspects of yoga help me to be peaceful and free in this hectic world, and I hope to bring that peace and freedom to everyone. Namaste